RV Trailer Towing

We understand that at this moment you  are porbably facing some type of issue with your RV Trailer. At Desert Rescue 24/7 Towing, you must find the kind of RV trailer towing you may need.


We offer long distance towing for your traveling trailer, we have the right equipment  tow up to 60,000 pounds to make sure that your traveling trailer does not suffer any type dame.

Our tow truck drivers always arrive on time
One of the most crucial things about being stuck on the road and only having a tow truck hotline to rely on is how quickly the towing company can get to the customer in need of the service. This is especially true for roadside accidents and even just fender benders, because even though they may just be minor emergencies, they can still cause roadblocks and long lines of traffic, or panic to the customer involved in the accident.


Desert Rescue 24/7 Towing is open 24/7, including weekends and non-working holidays for travel trailer towing service, so you can count on us to tow your traveling trailer even in the worst type of situations or hours of the day.


Potential customers calling Desert Rescue 24/7 Towing are ensured that they will get the travel trailer towing service they need in the shortest amount of time possible. This is because our tow camper trucks are all over The HighDesert, Which means that we can guarantee a fast arrival service. What’s more, our always maintained fleet of tow camper trucks guarantees no chance of breakdowns or necessary pit stops during the course of an emergency call.


Our tow trucks can handle the weight of your RV


Our tow trucks are also heavy-duty, able to handle one of the heaviest types of personal-use vehicles out there—RVs. The hauling equipment we use with our trucks guarantee that no damage will be done to any part of your RV, be it the rear or front end of the vehicle.

Get excellent quality services at an affordable price in The High Desert

We know just how costly it can be to maintain an RV in good, working condition—after all, it’s where you basically live when you’re out on an open-road adventure. A big vehicle like an RV also uses more gas than the usual four-seater vehicle, and will require maintenance a lot more often. That’s why we always strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Even if you try calling other towing companies in The High Desert area, you won’t be getting the prices we offer, given the quality of service we provide, anywhere else.


If you would like a quote or want to know more about our services other than RV trailer towing and roadside assistance services we provide, look at this page footer side! You can also visit our Google my business account and read the numerous client testimonials we’ve been given.


You can never go wrong with putting your trust in Desert Rescue 24/7 Towing.


Services Included in The Travel Trailer Towing Service


At Desert Rescue 24/7 Towing, we have experience with towing for many types of vehicles, and we have delivered an excellent performance for all. We mean to do the same when it comes to the RV trailer towing. We believe that RVs are a massive investment for anyone, and safety and security are a top priority during towing.


Here are some of our travel trailer towing services from tire changing or fule delivery.

  • Trailer jump starts
  • Trailer tire change
  • Vehicle unlocking
  • Emergency roadside assistance


How to avoid potential roadside issues with your RV trailer?


RVs are a bit of a unique piece of the vehicle and hence must be treated differently from other usual vehicles. Many owners, however, fail to realize this fact. They are not aware that RVs are not designed to be run on most roads, or not all roads are designed for accommodating RVs, for that matter. But you can buy an RV-specific GPS which can help you show you available routes available for your RV. RV-specific GPS enables you to consider tunnels, weight capacities, or low clearance bridges while traveling.


The internet also helps with RV essentials or supplies lists and many safety measures regarding RVs.

  • Bumper Pull
  • Fifth Wheel Tow
Off Road Recovery Starts At $100.00 Victorville, CA.

This offer applies only Friday, Saturday and Sunday